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A couple notes about the online clinics:

1) These are photos used from presentations that we have given live at different modeling shows. Unless noted, these are all photos that we have taken. Feel free to use them for personal use but please do not distribute or sell them without checking with us first.

2) We are by no means claiming to be "the experts" in any of these modeling areas. There are lots of great videos, lots of great modeling websites, and lots of great books out there. These are just some of the methods that we have used to achieved the goals we were looking for. I can't think of any off hand that we "invented", although some of what we do we have modified something that we were taught to make it work for us "better".

3) Modeling is supposed to be lots of fun. Most times there are many ways to accomplish the same task. If what you see here isn't what you would do, and you have methods that are working for you - by all means - keep doing what you're doing. Don't change the way you model just because you saw a different way here.

4) If you want to become a serious modeller I recommend keeping a notebook of the things you try. Write down what works, and why. And what doesn't work, and why. I don't have a good enough memory to remember everything I've ever learned. It's nice to open a notebook and find out what I did last time I was modeling a specific effect (like snow) and not have to start from scratch again because I don't know what I did 10 years ago.

-Brian & Jill

Current Clinics:

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