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In 1992 I started New England G-Scale Trains to sell G-Scale cars (made by USA Trains) with custom art work that I had designed or licensed. I did this for about 4 years and had some success - but not as much as I had hoped for.

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Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains was formed in the summer of 1996. For the first two years we concentrated on ballasts and had a pretty good selection ...but then we lost two of our suppliers. Considering that finding a supplier for quality scale ballast was difficult, and shipping was high on ballast, we decided to stop carrying ballast for the time being. Besides ballast, we also had a small selection of laser cut craftsman kits available.

In 1998 I started construction on my own house (1:1 scale) and that took up most of my time. Also, my partner (David Edgerly) lost interest and decided to persue other avenues of income. As I started unpacking some of my boxes, in 2001, I came across a few of the old kits and remembered how much I enjoyed creating them and building them. So...

I contined the business on my own with just kits. Over the next several years I began to build a growing inventory of kits and then added pewter cast deatail parts.

In the fall of 2006 we moved to Belmont, New Hampshire, in part, to gain a larger work space. My wife is now working with me - what a lucky guy I am. It was even her idea!

Sometimes we are able to purchase older companies (on their way to retirement) or quality prototype kits from other manufacturers so that we can continue bringing them to you - rather than see them fade away from existance.

We're in it because we enjoy it - and we hope that you enjoy the kits as much as we do bringing them to you.

-Brian & Jill Bollinger


1992 New England G-Scale Trains was formed.
     We lived in a one bedroom apartment in Quincy, Massachusetts.
     Boxes were literally stacked to the ceiling.

1996 Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains (B.E.S.T.) was formed.
     We had moved into a house, still in Quincy. NEGST was absorbed into BEST then faded out.
     Our kitchen table and living room floor was our "workspace". Our garage was our shop/warehouse.

2001 Lakeside Scale Models HO line of prototype kits was purchased.

2004 Precision Lasercraft (equipment and inventory) was purchased.
     This was our first laser. It was "home made" and had two lasers with one X-Y table.
     It would cut two kits at a time but it was not fast.

2005 Colonial Custom Castings (equipment and inventory) was purchased.
     This was our first casting equipement.
     We were still subbing our casting work out using our molds.

2006 We moved to Belmont, New Hampshire.
     A real shop was built into the garage and basement of the house.
     We set up our casting equipment and our friends at Crow River Products taught us how to cast.

2010 Crow River Products HO line of prototype structure kits was purchased.

2010 Train and Trooper donated their HO Marbles Station kit.

2011 Sheepscot Scale Products HO line of prototype structure kits was purchased.

2011 Smokey Mountain Minatures (equipment and inventory) was purchased.

2013 Dyna-Model Products (equipment and railroad inventory) was purchased.

2016 A portion of our kit line was sold to Motrak Models.

2019 The Just the Basics line of kits was introduced.

2019 Our high end kits were relabeled as our Premium Kits line.

2020 Vetero Solutions line of weathering solutions was introduced.

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