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"Building in Miniature" teaches how to build HO scale vehicles.

"Shrinking Reality" is a documentary one Logging in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and covere the construction of the HO scale Woodstock Lumber Mill by Jim Harr and Brian Bollinger. There is a second feature on the video that in just about the construction of the model and includes lots of building tips.
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Our line of detail castings consists primarily of HO scale parts. The Skanky Yankee figures are also included in that list. All priced at under $6/package they are a real bargain!

We do have a small selection of O scale castings. These items are priced as marked.

Our peel-and-stick shingles make is convenient and easy to cover the roofs of your models. With several scales, colors, ans styles there is sure to be something for every modeler.

These are items that we just did not know how to categorize. You'll find items like etched brass lobster traps, shopping carts, and shelving to resin chimneys and smoke stacks to cast hydrocal foundation blocks - which are great for structure foundations, retaining walls and abutments.

Craftsman Kits
These are high quality HO scale kits that come with everything you need to complete the scene. These kits are generally comprised of laser cut wood, peel-and-stick shingles, and all the detail pewter castings or etched brass details parts shown in the photographs. Several kits also include hydrocal cast foundations. All these kits also contains step by step instructions with plenty of color photographs and diagrams.

These HO scale kits are stripped down versions of our premium kits allowing us to price them economically and allowing the modeler greater flexibility in customizing the model. They are typically smaller and consists of the four walls, the roof, windows, doors, and when applicable, signage. The instructions for these kits are generic, although, kits specific notes are included when necessary. These kits do not include roofing, such as shingles or corrugated metal. Nor do they include any detail parts shown in the photographs.

Need help with a project or want a special building custom built? We provide full service model building. We can create a model of a house for that friend that has everything or we can assist you in your scratch building projects. We can even assist you in becoming your own manufacturer!

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